Workspace Culture and Communication: Transparency and Recognition Matters

Welcome back to an all-new Head’s Up. This week, we chat with Jeffrey Tem, General Manager of Signature Market on the topic of employee retention and what companies can do better to get younger employees to stay longer.

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Workspace Culture and Communication: Transparency and Recognition Matters

By Poojalexmi,

In a survey done by Qualtrics on employee experience in 2020, Malaysia was ranked 7th in regards to highest employee engagement with a percentage of 54 percent. However, it does not hold water when it comes to retaining employees.

Despite ranking high, 16% of Malaysians are prepared to quit their jobs in less than a year and  those who intend to leave the company in 2 years amount to 30%.

With high employee turnover harming business performance, it is important to move towards an environment that employees trust to stay in. In a conversation with Head’s Up, Jeffrey Tem, General Manager of Signature Market shares his thoughts and experiences on employee retention and how others can follow suit.

Workspace Offerings Plays A Significant Role

Having started in 2014 and stayed on, Jeffrey describes his journey with Signature Market as both amazing and challenging.

With a background in Nutritional Studies, he found his passion for statistics and data analytics through his roles in the company.

Signature Market’s ability to offer opportunities for its staff to grow and develop interpersonal skills became an important factor for Jeffrey to regard it as a space for him to continue growing.

“The space equipped me with the right communications skills from managing a team, improving my leadership skills along the way,” he says.

He attributes the workplace culture as one that allows for vulnerability and provides equal chances for employees to express themselves without the fear of judgment. For many, it was a safe space for feedback to be given with the intention for growth as both an individual and a company.

“Company culture is really important hence why Signature Market is a great place for the younger generation to unleash their creativity and challenge themselves,” Jeffrey says. He believes it is a great place to expand on skills and career prospects with the abundant opportunities provided.

Jeffrey also admits that there is a difference in mindset between the millennial generation compared to the boomers. He explains that the younger generation seeks to have their voices heard and valued instead of having to only work for the money. Personally, the company’s prospect was important to him as a way to recognise it as a place of growth. Moreover, having a sense of achievement was among the factors that attracted him to stay on.

Holding Onto The Foundation

With workplaces seeking to retain their younger employees, Jeffrey highlights the importance to nurture their careers and sketch out a journey for them. Since many of them have not clearly outlined their future in the workforce, companies should take interest of their personal developments and guide them towards their passion.

Additionally, he believes the key to good retention also lies in having an open and carefree work environment. The right support system also serves to learn and grow especially for the younger employees. As a result, there will be a stronger relationship between the staff and management as they recognise the reliable workforce behind them.

Jeffrey also believes that honest feedback is vital for improvement. To encourage company staff to strive for the better, constructive criticism should be part of the workforce.

“It is important to ensure everyone can openly voice out their feedback or opinions. By doing this, it allows employees to have more sense of achievement and self-acknowledgment," he says.

He also encourages companies to be active listeners to their staff members. Transparency and honesty are important to avoid misunderstandings and issues in the workspace. According to Jeffrey, Signature Market values open communication among staff and management which is often led by transparency.

He goes on to highlight the opportunities that are frequently given to employees to dedicate themselves to new projects at Signature Market.

No stranger to reaping the benefits of staying on at Signature Market, Jeffrey says, “Looking back, I truly gained my self-confidence throughout my journey with Signature Market as it has been such a rewarding time and I look forward to what the future holds.”

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