Why The Right PR Matters?

Welcome back to an all-new Head’s Up. For this issue, we spoke to the founders of Good & Honest Co. (G&H), Inga Jawahir and Anna Loi, a duo of young, dedicated, and passionately tech-savvy team on the importance of having the right PR services for startups and founders.

But just before you go on to read our Q&A with them, we have a couple of news and announcements to share!

And till our next issue, stay safe and stay healthy!

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News & Announcements

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with a Fintech or Insurtech idea? 1337 Ventures & FWD Start-Up Studio is excited to launch our 2nd cohort of the Alpha Startups For Insurtech! Join us and embark on your journey of transforming Malaysia's Fintech / Insurtech sector.

Through this programme, you will be able to:
✅ Receive up to RM150K investments to kickstart your idea
✅ Ideate, validate and fine-tune your business and go-to-market plans
✅ Create your Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and explore potential Proof-Of-Concepts (POCs) with FWD
✅ Connect with renowned industry leaders and mentors

Registration closes on the 10th of October. Learn more at https://bit.ly/fwdcohort2.

Hometaste Raises RM2.4 Million Via Equity Crowdfunding Platform PitchIN To Grow Cloud Kitchen Business

Hometaste, a leading home-cooked meals delivery platform has successfully raised RM2,410,317 (USD576,000). It attracted the confidence of 89 investors via Malaysia’s leading equity crowdfunding (ECF) platform with the highest individual investment value at RM802,386 (USD192,000).

Bullish about the future, Hometaste is foreseeing their revenue to exceed the RM10 million mark in 2022.

Hometaste was part of MaGIC's Global Accelerator Program (GAP) Cohort 5, which connected them with mentors that have helped them build networks during the 3-months program and in ensuring that Hometaste is investment-ready.

Anyone keen to join Hometaste’s empowering home recipe mission, may checkout for further details here: https://hometaste.my/submit-a-recipe/

Alliance Bank EcoBiz Challenge 4 Offers RM10,000 for Best Green Social Business Idea

Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad (“Alliance Bank” or the “Bank”), in collaboration with the Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Centre (“MGTC”), recently launched its fourth season of the EcoBiz Challenge with the theme of “Inspiring Malaysia to be a Zero-Waste Nation”.

This year’s EcoBiz Challenge 4 will integrate MGTC’s 20-week comprehensive learning programme, Jana Graduan Usahawan Hijau (“JaGUH”). Students will also receive guidance and mentoring from industry leaders and sustainability mentors in social business model development, green technology and innovation, digital social commerce and mindset and soft personal skills.

To sign up or for more information on the Ecobiz Challenge, please visit here

Q&A With G&H

Why is PR important for businesses, particularly for young budding startups?

G&H: It boils down to brand awareness and reach. If you’re starting a new business or brand, you need to take advantage of as many channels as possible in order to get your brand out there. Modern-day public relations has shifted from just going through media platforms to now include a myriad of digital outlets, including social media, digital advertising and influencer marketing, but that doesn’t mean we can forget the importance of a traditional media outreach. There’s a lot more information that you can pack into a press release and article than you’d be able to do in a few social media posts.

What is the difference between an in-house pr personnel vs an agency?

G&H: There are benefits to both roles, but generally with an agency you get to leverage on the fact that there are multiple people working on your brand that you can bounce ideas off of and get more input from. There’s no “one right way” to market your brand or create content, but the more input you have, the better. With an in-house role, you benefit from having someone that intrinsically understands the brand and can relay that information directly to the public, but that can also lock you into a single perspective.

More often, we find startups hiring a sole employee to run marketing, pr and comms roles. Should there be a separation for a better execution? 

G&H: Definitely. The common misconception with marketing is that everything can be parked under a singular role, when in actual fact, marketing is a multi-faceted department. Public relations is just one channel for marketing, but it’s a rather heavy channel because it determines the voice and image that’s pushed out to the masses – which means that within public relations, you’re looking at even more channels and opportunities for content. Combining PR execution into the list of other duties that comes with a general marketing role prevents heightened focus on what you have to say as a brand.

What are some misconceptions startups have about hiring PR staff/services?

G&H: A common misconception is that one person can do everything. If you’re earnest about growing your marketing and PR departments, think seriously about hiring specialists for each role. You want to be able to think about marketing from a brand awareness point of view as well as from a revenue/traffic-generating perspective.

Can you share any instances where your PR services have brought visible changes to your clients ? 

G&H: In the past, we’ve worked with a client that struggled to change the negative public perspective on their brand. Through targeted interviews, press releases, and feature pieces, we managed to build and improve their brand image in the region.

Where should startup founders start in their search for PR services? What factors should they take in finding the right fit for their business?

G&H: An effective method to find the right PR agency for your brand is by looking up press releases or articles online for brands that you love or have grown to love. Then check out that brand’s profile on LinkedIn or drop them an email to find out who they’re working with for PR and set up a meeting with the agency. At the end of the day, different PR and Marketing agencies bring different skills and ideas to the table – take the time to find one that suits your tastes and brand positioning, don’t settle for anything less.

About G&H

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