Timogah.com : Empowering Sarawak's Rural Farmers & Local Food Supply Chain

Welcome back to an-all new Head’s Up. In collaboration with SATU Creative, we bring you entrepreneurs who are tackling challenges and continuing to rise up to new occasions.

This week, we have Heineken Anak Laluan, Founder of Timogah.com who runs a digital marketplace that empower local food supply chain; where farmers and micro businesses can do business at the comfort of their farms or premises.

Just before you go on to read our chat with Heineken, here are some news and announcements to look out for.

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News & Announcements

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with a Fintech or Insurtech idea? 1337 Ventures & FWD Start-Up Studio is excited to launch our 2nd cohort of the Alpha Startups For Insurtech! Join us and embark on your journey of transforming Malaysia's Fintech / Insurtech sector.

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Through this programme, you will be able to:
✅ Receive up to RM150K investments to kickstart your idea
✅ Ideate, validate and fine-tune your business and go-to-market plans
✅ Create your Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and explore potential Proof-Of-Concepts (POCs) with FWD
✅ Connect with renowned industry leaders and mentors

Registration closes on the 10th of October. Learn more at https://bit.ly/fwdcohort2.


1337 Ventures has announced the Top 10 promising early-stage startups that are selected out of 71 startups who participated & 94 who registered. 🚀

In no particular order, the Top 10 teams of the Alpha Startups™ Digital Accelerator (ASDA) Cohort 38 are:

1. Cikguu

2. Artmeet - Graphic Designer Community

3. Qarbotech

4. MyFitTech

5. Snapped

6. YesHello

7. Wasave 

8. Tumpang Malaysia

9. OpenTunes

10. CabVision

1337 Ventures would also like to invite the general public and would-be investors to theur ASDA Virtual Demo Day on the 15th of October (Friday) from 2 to 5 pm. Registration is required and free. Register online at https://bit.ly/demoday38 

Digital Agency Meekco Certified As Shopify Plus Partner

Meekco, a one-stop digital commerce company headquartered in Malaysia was officially confirmed as the first Shopify Plus partner for Malaysia. Forecasts show first-year Shopify Plus generated revenue is estimated at RM2 million (USD$480,000).

Retailers that work with Meekco.Asia (Meekco) have the benefit of lower operation costs, quicker time to market, scalable global market reach and improved online conversion rates with higher ROI on marketing spending

Q&A With Heineken Anak Laluan

How would you describe 2021 as an enterprise and what were some of your highlights? 

It was a year to prove that our business model is on the right track and is sustainable. We run a digital marketplace that empower local food supply chain; where farmers and micro businesses can do business at the comfort of their farms or premises, while our customers can buy fresh produce at the comfort of their home or office.

It has been a good year and despite the challenges in our operations, we are looking at a 25 percent month-on-month growth in terms of customer base. We have also seen more farmers and businesses looking to partner and collaborate with us.

How did you pivot in the face of the challenges posed by the pandemic? 

We strengthened our digital approach and enhanced our operation model to bring more customers and farmers on board. We also invested more into marketing and educating our users. 

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs facing similar challenges? 

It’s important to understand what your customer needs and find ways to provide solutions to people during the pandemic. Be sure to adapt to changes especially in the new normal due to updating SOPs and most importantly, keep innovating and evolve to sustain.

On the digital front, how did you adapt? And what was the outcome like? 

People have been transitioning online in many aspects of their daily activities and needs. This includes shopping online as well as conducting businesses online. Being in the ecommerce sector while also dealing with rural farmers as well as micro businesses on board, going digital has become an relevant as aspect for us during the pandemic.

Going digital has also allowed us to create a more positive impact in terms of digital inclusivity as well as enabling us to provide business opportunities for members of the rural community.

In the upcoming Budget 2022, what sort of initiatives/policies should the government undertake to better help Malaysian enterprises? 

Give opportunities to startups with proven track record and commitment to scale. This can be done through an inclusive grant or assistance awarded to especially among those in Sabah and Sarawak which are usually overlooked. Success attracts success. 

How has SATU aided you as an entrepreneur to get through these hard times and what was the outcome like? 

The coaching and mentorship continues throughout our entrepreneurial journey. They have vast experience in handling startups and dealing with its ecosystem. The connections that SATU has always introduced to us is an advantage for us to reach out to potential partners, investors and clients. The guidance and assistance help us in making the right decisions throughout the journey.

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