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Welcome back to an all-new Head’s Up. This week, we bring you creative agency founder, Tanya Kamallini who’s not only the founder of FGS but also doubles as the owner of a professional portrait studio franchise, Fam Glam Studios.

She shares with us her experience in helping businesses grow their brands, how more resources can help the business grow and standing up to challenges. If you enjoyed reading about Tanya, feel free to share this issue to as many friends and family you’d like.

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COVID-19 CARE Assist & Employer Tracking Programme Launched by DoctorOnCall 

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HOMA2U Secured RM2.4 million of Funding - Bullish on Moving Business Forward Nationwide

HOMA2U (HOMA), the online-to- offline marketplace for building materials and home finishing products, today announced that it has secured a series of funding which include Warisan Quantum Management a private equity fund management company based in Kuala Lumpur.

The total raised amounted to RM2.4 million (USD 567,000). Prior to that ScaleUp Malaysia with investment partner Quest Ventures Pte Ltd invested via the ScaleUp Malaysia’s Accelerator programme where HOMA is one of the top 10 startups from the Cohort 2 batch. 

By Poojalexmi,

Recognising the digital economy as an asset to grow the economy, Putrajaya also sees it as a means to a new source of fiscal revenue. With digitalisation, there can be an increase in productivity, improved livelihoods and cultivation of innovations.

Furthermore, with the pandemic as a disrupting circumstance, there is an increasing need to digitalise. According to a Techwire Asia article, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) still fall behind larger enterprises in terms of digital adoption. Fortunately, the need to digitalise is not amiss among entrepreneurs.

Ryan Sim, a partner at the consulting arm of Ernst & Young Advisory Services Sdn Bhd quoted in The Edge Markets stated, “Despite the seeming lack of interest among SMEs in digitalisation, businesses in Malaysia have definitely taken notice of the urgent need to digitalise their businesses”.

Even though there is an increasing need, digitalisation is hard. To aid with this process, it is important to seek the help of digital solution agencies. Digital agency as defined by Upanup is a “company that provides strategic direction, creative design, and technical development for screen-based products and services”.

One such company that had made its way known in Kuala Lumpur is FGS KL PLT (FGS), an integrated creative and digital solutions company.

From being in front of her father’s camera to behind her own, Tanya Kamallini Kunjikannan, founder of FGS is also the owner of a professional portrait studio franchise, Fam Glam Studio.

Having a father who is an avid shutterbug, it comes with no surprise that Tanya learned to love her father’s film camera and went on to major in photography in college.

Being as capable as she is, she started out as a part-time photography studio assistant, and went on to buy over a professional portrait studio franchise, turning it into Fam Glam Studios.

FGS offers a range of services that include lead generation, search engine optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Content Creation and App Development.

FGS also aims to aid businesses with their brands by helping them get the necessary engagement, volume and motivation. Moreover, they also organise events and platforms that involve both business and social, catering to a wide array of clients.

FGS has set its sight on becoming a pillar to their clients by providing a flawless service that ultimately leads them to success. “We will continue to provide excellent service to our clients and consistently be innovative,” Tanya says.

Embracing Challenges

When it comes to challenges, Tanya has definitely had her fair share. She highlights the constant challenge of anticipating competition. “But it’s all about standing up to the occasion and making sure we get through it,” she says.

Commenting gender stereotypes, she believes that by offering good services and meeting the client’s requirements, such challenge will not pose a problem. Nevertheless, she acknowledges that issues related to stereotypes can be tackled by educating and sharing more positive factual information.

With more entrepreneurs making a name for themselves, Tanya believes that more women entrepreneurs can be encouraged to play a part through education, networking and positive exposure. Additionally, there could also be more free online courses in multiple fields that would serve as an opportunity.

Like many impacted by the pandemic, FGS too went fully digital as a means to pivot and adapt to the current circumstances.

“Never stop, keep at it no matter how many times you fail, you will find a solution to any situation if you keep trying different approaches,” Tanya says.

Tanya also highlights that potential investors can elevate her business’s aim to service more clients. She is also hopeful that more grants can be provided from the Government as previous aid throughout lockdown periods has only aided her and her team to digitalise the business and pivot accordingly.


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